This past weekend was spent in reunion and celebration with many of my favorite people back in North Carolina.

I kicked off the weekend with wine and steak in the company of my two favorite lovebirds. Since Alex left I eat most of my meals alone while sitting on my couch as my dog looks at me with greedy hope. Needless to say, sitting at a real table and engaging in face to face conversation was a treat to all my senses.

Saturday was non-stop.  I found some wisdom early enough and went for a run and joined in on a yoga class before getting social. I caught up with some more friends all over town and then it was time to her ready for the main event. I slipped into my dress (hallelujah!) and saw my oldest friend Holly marry her long time love.

The wedding was beautiful and hot, touché North Carolina, touché. There’s not much that trumps an open bar, fried chicken, and a crowd that loves to dance so I merrily melted away.  While Alex’s presence was certainly missed, thanks to Hackensack, New Jersey’s Rotary Club cigar donation he and his friends found a way to join in on the festivities from afar.

Regrettably, I missed a lot of photo opportunities, like ogling my best friend’s pregnant body, hanging out with my favorite 1.5 year old, and the great moments I spent with my mom and dad, so this scant collection will just have to do.

My aching for North Carolina comes in waves, mild to a very strong longing, so this weekend filled my heart with enough love to last a while.  But for now, I’m happy to be back in New York, back to work, and back in my bed.